New Software – SpringClean
Posted 30 Jun 2011


Today we are releasing our latest piece of software, SpringClean!

SpringClean is a Windows disk cleanup utility to help you delete and archive your old unused files. It will search for files based on a number of parameters, and even allow you to update a database based on the results of the job.

Once the application is setup with some tasks they can be called from a command line, allowing you to schedule your housekeeping tasks. SpringClean costs just £5 sterling to register and unlock its full functionality. Until it is registered, the application will only report on what files it will process.

See the SpringClean page for more information and to download!

New Version Of SwitchWatch
Posted 28 Jun 2010

Today we have released a new version (2.1) of SwitchWatch. There is just one new feature and a bug fix in this version.

We have added the ability to export the reports to a csv file (new option in the reports screen), and fixed an issue with reporting a port status as down on a Cisco 4500 series switch when the port was up.

It now issues just a warning if it see the port up without data being passed. As normal the latest version can be downloaded here

SwitchWatch Version 2 released
Posted 25 Oct 2009

Today see’s the release of SwitchWatch version 2. Based on user feedback, we have now incorporated a number of new features into the release, these include:

  • More reporting option, all customizable including reliability, errors, collisions as well as idle time
  • Power over Ethernet details if available.
  • Conversation browser, so you can troubleshoot any problems you may be having

For more information on what has changed, head over to the change log page, and to download this version head over to the main SwitchWatch page.

Switchwatch is still only £10 sterling, so if you like what the demo has to offer, and want to unlock the ability to report on as many switch’s you need, buy a licence using you paypal account.

Thanks for using SwitchWatch!

Terminal Sever Load Balancing with Hiker
Posted 25 Aug 2009

One of the biggest problems when working with a large number of users across a terminal server farm is how to keep the servers load balanced.

Some of the traditional ways of achieving load balancing (such as DNS round robin and Network load balancing), dont always work that well, and you can end up with a unbalanced servers, leading to performance issues.

Hiker can be used instead of these methods. You tell it the details about your terminal server farm, and every time a user want to connect to a server send them to the one with the least amount of users.

If they already have any sessions open it will re-direct them back to that session, or offer them a list if more than one active session is found.

Find out more and download it on the hiker home page

New Product – Introducing AutoBrowse
Posted 22 Apr 2009

We here at We3soft are pleased to announce the release of AutoBrowse

AutoBrowse is a FREE piece of software that will cycle through a list of websites you specifcy, and show each one for a certain time frame. To Learn more about AutoBrowse, please visit the product page.

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions for new features please post them in the forum

SwitchWatch Now Available
Posted 02 Feb 2009

After some beta testing, we are now releasing a full version of SwitchWatch. This version can now be registered (for the mere sum of £10 sterling) to lift the 5 ports per switch reporting limit that was in the previous beta version.

Head over to the SwitchWatch main page to download the new version, and if you like it please visit the registration page to purchase a licence. When you have bought the licence we will send you an email containing all the information you need to get the most out of the product.

As ever if you have any feedback on the product, bugs, feature requests etc please post them in the forum.

Get a Free copy of SwitchWatch!
Posted 22 Dec 2008

You can now get hold of a free licence key for SwitchWatch once it has come out of the beta testing stage. All you have to do is once you have used it, let us know what you think about it in the new forum.

The first 20 people to leave us a comment will receive a free licence key, so head over to the forum and let us know about any bugs you may find, any switches that are unsupported and just to say it works ok.

SwitchWatch Beta1
Posted 15 Dec 2008

We are pleased to release SwitchWatch for beta testing. SwitchWatch is an application that will give you port usage information about your Cisco switches, witch should allow you to remove any old unused cables.

You can add as many switches as you like, and assign them to logical sites based on geographical location. This version is still in beta so you are limited to seeing only 5 ports per switch.

Check out the SwitchWatch product page for more information, and dont forget to subscribe to updates (using the box on the right) to keep informed of when the full version of SwitchWatch is released and get our other news.